Vladimir Guerrero Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Vladimir Guerrero is a Canadian who plays baseball at the professional level. He is now a member of the Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). and also serves as the club's designated hitter in addition to playing first base for the squad. Vladimir Guerrero Sr., a former Major League Baseball player, is Guerrero's father. Guerrero is his son.

Vladimir Guerrero

Throughout his career in sports, Vladimir Guerrero has never failed to astonish and delight the baseball fans that follow him thanks to his extraordinary talent. On the other hand, something completely different that happened not too long ago not only startled but also stunned Guerrero's followers. It is common knowledge that Vladimir suffered for a significant amount of time from being overweight.

Vladimir Guerrero's Weight Loss Journey

Even so, he has admitted that he is having difficulty keeping control of his weight. However, it is a thing of the past now. A short while ago, Vladimir surprised his friends and followers by posting a fresh snapshot of himself on social media. He was successful in losing a total of 45 pounds in a matter of only a few short months.

The results of Vladimir Guerrero's effort and labor to lose weight were clearly seen in his appearance, which told the complete narrative. What Guerrero's followers are still curious about, though, is how he was able to do that, as well as the factors that led to his making such an impulsive choice.

Vladimir Guerrero

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Why Did Vladimir Guerrero Lose Weight?

Vladimir's mind was always going back to the idea of trimming down his physique. A shift in his long-established role in the squad, on the other hand, came as something of a surprise to him. Vladimir was pushed up to the first position from the diamond base. This should be seen as a rallying cry.

He came to the conclusion that it was high time for him to take some sort of action, or else his skill would go to waste. Because of the impact that COVID-19 had had on the globe, Vladimir, along with the rest of the population, was confined to their homes. This was another significant aspect that led to his choice. There were just a few gyms that were open.

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Because he lives with his paternal grandmother, he enjoys the delectable food that she prepares for him, and as a result, he has put on a lot of weight as a result of eating it. Therefore, Vladimir's only choice was to act, and he did just that. There was no other way out of the situation.

He was able to break free from the terrible cycle of obesity by beginning his path to a healthier weight and sticking with it. In a recent interview, Vladimir described how he came to the conclusion that the time had come to take action by saying, “One day, I woke up from bed, looked in the mirror, and thought, ‘That's it.'”

How Did Vladimir Guerrero Lose Weight?

Let's go on to the next topic, which is how did he manage to achieve that? After making the decision to reduce his weight, Guerrero contacted Junior Rodriguez, a personal trainer, and requested that he evaluate Vladimir's progress in his weight loss efforts. However, Rodriguez is not the only one that assisted Guerrero in regaining his footing and getting his life back on track.

Vladimir Guerrero's grandmother, Altagracia Alvino, was also a support system during his weight loss journey. He began his new healthy lifestyle by working out with Rodriguez and consuming only the wholesome, home-cooked meals that his grandma prepared. It was very important to Guerrero's grandmother that she not feed her grandson things that were rich in calories like she had in the past.

Vladimir's grandmother gave an interview to The New York Times in which she spoke in Spanish. In the interview, she remarked, “He appears stronger, and he's lighter on his feet when running and moving around.” The fact that he has kept up with his diet is another thing that makes me happy. Now, without further ado, let's get to the bottom of Vladimir's eating and exercise routine, shall we?

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Vladimir Guerrero Sport

Vladimir Guerrero Weight Loss (Diet Plan)

The fact that Vladimir had poor eating habits was the primary contributor to his excessive weight. In point of fact, the excellent meal that his grandma made wasn't solely to blame. Before Guerrero began his mission to lose weight, beer had a special place in his heart. This changed after he started his adventure.

When he got together with his friends or relaxed with his family, he would always have a beer in his hand. In point of fact, Vladimir's refrigerator never lacked beer to drink. Therefore, following Rodriguez's counsel, he decided to give up drinking beer in the first place. After that, Guerrero stopped eating any form of food that was greasy or otherwise likely to induce weight gain.

Vladimir Guerrero changed his diet to focus primarily on fruits and vegetables. Additionally, on occasion, he would consume chicken and fish. Vladimir completely rethought his daily schedule with Rodriguez's assistance and implemented the changes. He trained himself to get out of bed every day at the same time, which was six o'clock in the morning.

After getting out of bed each morning, Vladimir Guerrero would head out for a lengthy stroll. After arriving home, he would either have a cup of green tea or a nutritious smoothie that he had made in accordance with Rodriquez's directions. The number of calories that Vladimir consumed in a day was cut in half, from 3,000 to 2,000.

This significant adjustment in Vladimir's eating routine was expected to bring about a significant alteration in his physical appearance. He embarked on a program to eat more healthfully, but that was only the beginning of his efforts. The following stage was to devise a strategy for an equally beneficial form of physical activity.

Vladimir Guerrero Weight Loss (Workout Plan)

Rodriguez ensured that he inspired Vladimir to complete an exercise session that was as strenuous as it could possibly be. Not only did Rodriguez encourage Vladimir by flattering him, but he also provided him with some harsh realities to inspire him. Regarding which, Rodriguez made the following statement:

“I may have brought down his morale a little bit, but I was being completely honest with him.” I said to him, “You need to be humiliated that fans are underestimating you and talking nasty about you, especially considering the fact that you are one of the top prospects in the major leagues.” Let's make a commitment to this; you commit to me, and I'll commit to you.

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Every day, Vladimir Guerrero would go for a brisk two-mile run. Every day, he began his day with a two-hour workout in the gym, where he worked out with weights and performed a variety of aerobic exercises. In addition to that, Guerrero participated in a significant number of baseball practice sessions.

Vladimir Guerrero Weight Loss (Before & After)

Vladimir Guerrero was successful in shedding 45 pounds because he adhered to such a stringent eating plan and kept up a rigorous training schedule. After that, he went from weighing 295 pounds at his heaviest to 240 pounds, which was his lowest weight.

Where is Vladimir Guerrero now?

At the right moment, Guerrero is on the path to recovery from his illness and has made a significant comeback for his squad. He was asked about this topic and said, “I haven't seen him get out and smile about his outs since Double-A, and he's been doing that a lot because he knows he's going to get them at some point.” Vladimir's current team, the Washington Nationals, are currently in the American League Championship Series.

Vladimir's personal trainer is another individual who has faith in Vladimir. He made the statement, “Vladimir is back on track, and he doesn't need any support anymore.” Now, he is aware of the way forward. He has made it his purpose in life to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Final Words

There is no shadow of a doubt that everyone who is looking forward to reducing their body fat can find motivation in Vladimir's narrative. Guerrero has done a terrific job of setting a good example for other sportsmen to follow by maintaining a balanced diet and regularly engaging in physical activity. It's true that losing weight is challenging, but if you have the same level of determination as Vladimir Guerrero, there's no obstacle that can stand in your way.