Traci Braxton Weight Loss Surgery and Death Cause

Traci Braxton was a well-known face on American television and radio, and she also appeared on reality television. Her breakthrough role came about when she was cast in the reality show Braxton Family Values, which aired on WE TV. This role was the beginning of her acting career. In addition to that, she had a role in the follow-up film, titled Braxton Reunion.

Traci Braxton
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On March 12, 2023, Braxton passed away. She had been battling esophageal cancer for more than a year, which ultimately led to her passing away from the disease. Although Braxton is not here with us in the same manner that she used to be, her acting and personality will ensure that she is never forgotten.

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Traci Braxton’s Weight Loss Surgery

Traci Braxton before and after

While Braxton was undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer, she was also dealing with a number of other challenges. She experienced feeling weak and dizzy. After making an appointment with the physician, she was given a cancer diagnosis. At this point, the most obvious sign of esophageal cancer is significant weight loss.

Traci Braxton
Source: Instagram

Traci Braxton dropped more than 60 pounds when she was undergoing treatment for cancer. The vast majority of her supporters, who were unaware of what was taking place at the time, were taken aback by her dramatic weight loss and descended upon her social media accounts to ask questions. They were concerned about the situation.

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Traci Braxton’s Death

Within a year of receiving her diagnosis, Traci passed away, thereby ending her relationship with her devoted following. Her passing came as a great surprise, not just to the people who were fans of her work but also to the entirety of the entertainment business. Because of her work in both music and acting, Traci will be recognized forever.