Tony Vlachos Weight Loss 2023 Updated!: Victory at the Show

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Who is an improved fit to competition in the Survivor show than a Police officer? Vlachos has took part in three periods of CBS’s Survivor. Out of them, Tony won two periods. He is the one and just survivor who may have won two periods of Survivor. He won the 28th period, Cagayan, and 40th period, Winners at war.

Now of program surviving just isn't simple. Not whenever there are individuals with plenty of experience on the show aswell. The training Tony gotten as a policeman aided him plenty. He outdid everybody else. However, it arrived at a price. On survivor, individuals must endure by their ability at act as well as at politics.

As for politics, our company is perhaps not gonna talk about it right here. Now, Tony knew plenty of deal about surviving to be a policeman. Nevertheless, crazy is a really strange destination, and Tony never really had this experience prior to. So, Vlachos encountered numerous challenges one after another. He faced numerous problems to locate clean drinkable water and finding meals.

So, while attempting to endure, Vlachos lost plenty of weight. Here are the details:

Tony’s Drastic Weight Loss on Survivor

While contending on the 40th period of the Survivor, Tony lost above 34 pounds. When after winning the show, Vlachos saw himself in the mirror he seemed surprised. He described the experience as “unbelievable”.

This weight loss had been anticipated as Tony faced hunger, thirst, and changing climate on the area. He did quite difficult focus on the reveal and that’s the major reason he outdid everybody else. At the end of the show, Vlachos succeeded in securing 2 million bucks as the award.

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Also, get insights into the activities of other survivors as well: Callie Russell, David McIntyre, and Biko Wright.

Where is Tony now?

As of now, Tony lives in Allendale, New Jersey together with his spouse Merissa Ann and their young ones. Merissa had been a fellow officer whenever Vlachos began dating the girl. They hitched on June 2, 2012. He is healthier and good and is residing in their life peacefully.