Russell Hantz Weight Loss 2023 Updated!: Before & After Journey

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Russell is an owner of an oilfield company. He normally a television character. Hantz established fact for taking part in CBS’s Survivor several times. He has done significantly on show.

Russell very first showed up on Survivor in Samoa series during 2009. He had been a runner-up. In Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Hantz had been the 2nd runner-up. He has shown himself become a genuine survivor.

Unfortunately, Hantz hasn’t won any show yet. But he's shown that he's one of the Survivors. There were numerous issues with virtually every survivor. But Russell’s situation is exclusive. While being on show, Hantz destroyed a huge quantity of weight.

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How much weight did Russell lose?

When Russell had been wanting to endure on that area, he had been having a hell of trouble. Hantz lost 60 pounds! Now, losing weight is typical for participants on Survivor. But 60 pounds is an excellent deal. And no body has lost that much weight yet.

Other Survivors additionally destroyed an important quantity of weight. Check Spencer Bledsoe, Kielyn Marrone, Courtney Yates and Denise Martin weight loss tale.

Why Russell Hantz lost weight?

The show, Survivor, is about surviving in the open without the assistance via outside. Hantz had been along side 19 other individuals nonetheless they all must be mindful of on their own

The most difficult thing for survivors is finding meals and a safe shelter. Now, both things may appear quite simple if you are sitting within luxurious household in a city. But away in the open on area, it had beenn’t so easy.

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Hantz must consume just what he may find that didn’t have negative effects. It included seafood, fruits, plants, and often worms too. But also these exact things had been difficult to get anyway. So there have been times whenever Hantz would rest without eating any thing.

And there was clearly an issue of choosing clean and drinkable water too. So all of these facets combined impacted Russell’s wellness adversely.

Where is Hantz Now?

As of now, Russell is residing a healthy and balanced life. He has regained their missing weight by balancing their eating routine. However, their wedding life had been impacted too. Soon after he got in house they separated. Hantz has four kiddies together with ex-wife, Melanie.

Hantz claims that despite the fact that they've been divided nonetheless they have actually shared respect for every single other and have actually good terms. Russell stated, “I called her up before I came here, she said that she’d pray for me.”


Nature is stunning however it may be dangerous too. Make sure when you desire to satisfy nature you’ve got every necessary thing. However, in Hantz’s situation, he destroyed weight but he gained a lovely experience with nature. I really hope that Russell’s tale inspires you.