Rance Allen Weight Loss [2023] – Death

Rance Allen was an American gospel musician, minister, and bishop. He was best known for his incredible singing voice and wide vocal range. Recently his fans are asking about Rance Allen weight loss story and the cause of his death.

Allen lived a life as a senior pastor and a beloved singer. He died at the age of 71 due to a heart attack. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about gospel musician Rance Allen and his life journey.

Rance Allen Weight Loss
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Rance Allen Biography

Rance Allen was a senior pastor of the New Bethel Church of God in Christ and the founder of the Rance Allen Group. On November 20, 1948, he was born in Michigan, United States. Rance was extremely talented and known for its powerful singing voice and vocal range.

Due to his talents, Rance Allen became the leader of an influential group and the lead vocalist. Allen was also appointed as the Bishop in the New Bethel Church of God in Christ for the Michigan Northwestern Harvest Jurisdiction.

Rance Allen Biography:

Rance Allen Height – Average

Rance Allen Age – 71 Years Old

Rance Allen Siblings – Eleven

Rance Allen Wife – Ellen Allen

Rance Allen Godchildren – 35

Rance Allen Lifestyle

Rance Allen was born to Thomas Allen and Emma Pearl Allen. He lived a life of fun and enjoyment. Allen issued numerous albums and songs and was loved by millions.

Allen died on 31 October 2020 at Heartland ProMedica, Sylvania.



Rance Allen married nee Groves – Ellen Marie Allen on 1st December 1970. he had eleven siblings: five brothers and six sisters. Thomas Allen and Steve Allen established the Rance Allen Group in the year 1969.

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While Allen and his wife do not have any natural children, they share the love of several god-children. According to a report, the couple has welcomed up to 35 god-children.


Rance Allen was born in Monroe, Michigan. He graduated from high school there. Afterward, Rance also enrolled in Monroe County Community College. However, he left his education to follow the path of music and ministry.

Rance Allen Weight Loss

Rance gained a lot of weight during his peak time. However, due to his will and daily exercises, the legendary singer and Bishop lost up to 50 lbs of weight in no time. According to our sources, he seemed to be healthy and happy in his new shape. The Rance Allen weight loss stories have truly inspired a lot of people.

Salary & Net Worth

Rance Allen was a successful singer and musician. Plus, we invested his precious time in numerous other fields as well. As of his death, the estimated net worth of Rance Allen is around $1.5 million.

This includes his income, money, and assets. He made most of his fortune as a founder of Rance Allen Group and as a Gospel Musician and Bishop. Even though he was quite wealthy, Allen preferred to live a life of modesty.

Rance Allen Career

When it comes to career, Allen selected a more general approach. He devoted his life to music while working as an American Religious leader.

Musician and Singer

Phil Driscoll and Allen had successful careers as musicians and singers in the Christian music genre. Even though he was the leader of the famous Rance Allen Group, Allen was also a member of the Religious Leader list. He also released an album known as a Miracle worker in 2000.

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In July 1985, Allen became the pastor of the New Bethel Church of God in Christ. Afterward, he was also elevated as the Bishop of the church in November 2011.

Rance Allen Group

Rance Allen created the Rance Allen Group with his two brothers, Steve Allen and Thomas Allen. This group is a famous gospel music band formed in Ohio and based in Michigan. The group was nominated for the Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album.

Allen was the songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and vocalist of the group. On the other hand, his brothers Steve Allen was specialized in bass guitar, and Tom Allen used to work with drums. The genre of this band was rock and soul.

Rance Allen Death

At the age of 71, bishop Rance Allen passed away because of a heart attack at Heartland ProMedica, Sylvania. His brother, Steve Allen, said that Rance died while recovering from back surgery. Due to the pandemic, the family held a private memorial service.