Niecy Nash Weight Loss 2023 Updated!: Diet, Workout, Before & After

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The multi-talented American, Niecy Nash established fact on her acting, comedy, and television web hosting talents. However, despite all of this success, Nash nevertheless didn't feel complete.

She felt uncomfortable about the woman look. It all changed whenever Niecy has undergone a weight loss journey. In which she succeeded in losing about 20 pounds.

When does Niecy begin the woman's weight loss journey?

In the February of 2020, Nash and the woman previous spouse, Tucker, announced the conclusion of their 8 years of age wedding. Although Nash and Tucker divided peacefully and stated goodbye to one another really great way, Nash faced some backlash from social networking users.

However, Niecy is a really courageous girl she understands the way to handle critique. Since then, Nash began targeting the woman health issues. And inside the duration of 5 months, she destroyed 20 pounds.

How Niecy Nash lost weight?

When Nash uploaded the woman brand new pictures, Fans began questioning the woman about Nash’s brand new look. They desired to discover how Niecy succeeded in losing pounds. The formula behind Nash’s success is straightforward, Hard work. Nash lost weight because she paid sufficient awareness of the facets which were causing the woman weight.

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Niecy effectively made a well-drafted diet and exercise plan. With all of these efforts combined Nash accomplished health.

Niecy’s Diet plan

Nash merely cut every item from the woman list which were causing the woman weight gain. She prevents junk food also prepared meals. Niecy additionally prevents consuming much liquor. Because it really is one of the key grounds for weight gain.

Alcohol contains a really high quantity of kilojoules. It restrains your system from shedding fat. It may also increase your hunger, in outcome of that you simply find yourself eating up more meals than your everyday need.

Nash would consume fresh vegetables and fruits for meal and supper. And in destination of liquor and soda, she'd have juices of fruits. Niecy constantly begins the girl early morning either with a glass of gorge juice or a cup of green tea extract.

Niecy’s Workout prepare

Nash can also be tangled up in workout tasks so that you can keep the woman body is in need of. She workouts in the home. Besides that, she additionally applies to stroll each morning. Niecy in addition has the practice of attempting various methods along with her human body in order to learn that which works on her.

In 2020, She practised acupuncture. It is a historical conventional training. Acupuncture may be the procedure which epidermis is penetrated by slim metallic needles that are then triggered either through electric stimulation or by the practitioner’s particular hand motions.

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Before & After

Within months of the weight loss efforts, Nash went from 200 to 173 pounds. She has made a good distinction and has motivated numerous fans.

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Nash apologized for body-shaming by herself

In one of the woman Instagram articles, Nash were putting on a swimming suit and she ended up being mentioning the ‘flaws’ inside her human body. Later she apologized to the woman fans for body-shaming by herself.

In the brand new post, Nash published “I had to apologize to myself and remind myself that these hips carried three children and brought them into the world very carefully.” Niecy further published, “I love my body and I am grateful for it.”

What does Nash state about the woman journey?

Niecy Nash is apparently extremely comfortable and satisfied with the woman life. She stated, “I am grateful for how resilient God made me.” Niecy can also be more comfortable with the woman brand new look.

She celebrates by herself. In one of the woman interviews, Nash stated “Whenever I feel down, I always analyze myself. And the important thing is that I always find something good. Which is worth celebrating”. 


Niecy Nash is a brave woman. She understands just how to deal with crisis. We must also consider our bright part and you will need to enhance our flaws. Because it provides united states energy and the chance to flourish. Because often there is space for enhancement.