Nicole Byer: Weight Loss, Diet Plan, Body Measurements

Actress, comedian, and television personality Nicole Byer is also a podcaster in the United States. Nailed It! is a reality comedy program that airs on Netflix and she is most known for being the host of the show. For her work on the show, she has received two nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards. She is the host of the podcast Why Won't You Date Me?, which is produced by Team Coco.

Nicole Byer
Nicole Byer

In spite of the fact that there is always something about Nicole Byer that her followers are discussing on the internet, the reason why she has become a topic of debate for a completely different purpose is recent. Every time a new season of Nailed It is released, Nicole's devoted followers get together to talk about how much weight she has lost.

Fans were ecstatic with Byer's weight decrease once again, and for this reason as well. On the other hand, she hasn't shed any pounds. Nicole Byer feels delighted and satisfied with the state that she is in physically at the moment. By the time she was asked about losing weight for the umpteenth time, Byer was exhausted and provided a concluding comment.

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Nicole Byer's Response to Fans’ Queries

During an episode of her podcast in which she addressed speculation over her weight, Nicole Byer stated, “Nah, same weight.” I'm a massive bit*h. I did try on a few different wigs. ” Nicole said, “I can't stop thinking about how, for my entire life, I've assumed that I was 5 feet 7 inches tall.” I am ardently and proudly 5'7; lovingly and toweringly 5'7; measuring 5'7 in height; occasionally 5'8″ if I felt stretched. It was revealed that I am just 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Is this some kind of complex about Napoleon? “Am I Napoleon?”

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To summarize, Nicole has not shed any pounds, nor does she have any plans to do so in the foreseeable future. In point of fact, she is content and at ease with the weight that she now carries. Byer is a strong advocate of having a positive body image, particularly when it comes to weight loss. She takes a stance against those who make others feel bad about their bodies.

Nicole Byer's Photo
Nicole Byer's Photo

Nicole Byer's Take On Body Positivity

Nicole Byer, when speaking to Brit + Co, explained that “body positivity” means accepting the body that you are now in. She went on to say that “if you want to alter it, you may,” but that “you should love the skin that you are in today, forever.” Because each and every person is stunning. Nobody is their own worst critic. You are constantly attractive to somebody, yet at the same time, you are always repulsive to somebody else.

Nicole Byer's Diet Plan

Food is one of Nicole‘s many passions in life. And it is the primary reason why she is the host of the cookery show Nailed It, which is available on Netflix. Byer often begins each morning with a breakfast of either bacon, eggs, or bread. Her meal consists of a bowl of Caesar salad in addition to a piece of fried salmon.

And for supper, she choose between chicken sandwich, cheese fries, or pasta with meat sauce. Nicole revealed her passion for pizza in one of her podcasts by saying, “Whenever it comes to pizza, I can't say no to it. “ I simply am unable to.

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Nicole Byer's Body Measurements

Nicole Byer Weight Loss

Nicole has a height of 1.7 meters (5 feet 5 inches) and a weight of 189 pounds (86 kgs).

Final Words

Byer has made it quite clear that she is not opposed to losing weight but is opposed to the practice of body shaming. Shaming other people over their bodies isn't just hurtful; it also makes the targets feel less secure in themselves. As long as you are content with where you are in life, it does not matter what other people think about you and your situation.