Matt Damon Weight Loss 2023 Updated!: Diet, Workout, Before and After

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From playing a sniper assassin to being an astronaut left alone on Mars, Damon understands completely getting in to the functions he plays. He has got the knack because of it. Matt had worked in plenty of films and is certainly one of the highest-grossing actors of in history.

However, success includes sacrifice. People love Matt because of their brilliant acting and how he converts himself completely in to the character. To perform their figures, Matt has encountered plenty of transformations. However, the most beautiful one had been their change for Courage Under Fire.

Damon must have fun with the part of a drug addict in the film. To have fun with the part he had needed to lose plenty of weight. A whole lot of weight. So Matt undertook to relax and play this character as a responsibility. He described the journey as “the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever had to do in my life”. Thus began Damon’s weight loss journey.

Matt Damon’s Weight Loss Journey

Matt’s weight loss technique is extremely unique. In purchase to lose pounds, he stuck to an individual diet for each and every dinner. Matt would consume chicken for morning meal, meal, and supper. He called it the “chicken diet”. He stopped consuming any dinner besides which consisted of chicken.

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By after their chicken diet, Damon effectively destroyed 51 pounds. Only within a few months. Along with after the chicken diet, Matt additionally began doing a bit of difficult exercises. He joined up with a gym for this specific purpose, in which he'd invest many of their time.

However, Damon’s primary focus had been on their diet program as he desired to lose weight and targeted at searching thin maybe not you with muscle tissue.

Matt’s Chicken Diet is Very Dangerous

It was very risky. I succeeded but I admit it wasn’t a good choice. The doctor told me that I could have shrunk my heart” stated Damon in an interview. As Matt himself admits, for that reason, we don't recommend anybody also think of after the chicken diet.

Remember, Matt used this specific diet intend to appear to be a drug addict in contrast to a wrestler or superhero. After losing that much weight, Matt struggled with weakness. Soon following the shooting had been done he began consuming excessively for back into their normal form and feel himself.

Matt’s Weight Loss for Martian

Matt undergo a weight-loss procedure once more as he had been cast the film, Martian. In the film, Damons’ character is kept alone on Mars while their team moved back into Earth. While remaining on Mars he previously to endure. Because of the dearth of meals, Damon’s character loses weight.

To perform this character, Matt destroyed 40 pounds. He stated, “I talked to Ridley about losing weight for The Martian because I’ve lost weight before for movies. We had about six months. And I said, ‘That’s perfect. I’ll lose about 30 or 40 pounds, and we’ve got to shoot all that stuff first”.

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Also, discover how the American television character, Brad Rutter, has shed a lot more than 40 pounds.

Final Words

Damon is apparently in deep love with exactly what he does. He works quite difficult. And their perseverance's the reason why he is rocking Hollywood for many years. As mentioned early in the day, please don’t also think of after Matt’s chicken diet. It is extremely dangerous.