Kitty Spencer: (2023 ) Weight Loss, Diet, Workout, Before and After

Kitty Spencer is a well-known model and aristocrat in the United Kingdom. She is the eldest child of the 9th Earl of Spencer, Charles Spencer, and a niece of Princess Diana. Her father is Charles Spencer, who is the 9th Earl of Spencer. In addition to her modeling career, Kitty is also known for her role as the spokesmodel for the Italian jewelry labels Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana.

Kitty Spencer
Kitty Spencer

In the previous year (2021), Spencer tied the knot with Michael Lewis, a British-South African multimillionaire who was 61 years old. They had their wedding in the city that never sleeps, Rome. It was said that Spencer was dressed in a gown reminiscent of the Victorian era. Her followers were shocked and amazed by the news, but Spencer's body was the one that truly caught everyone off guard.

It was obvious that Kitty had had a weight loss prior to getting married. She seemed to have dropped quite a bit of weight. The interviewers were unable to wait any longer. One interviewer asked, “You look so different today.” Did you slim down in preparation for your wedding?

Kitty Spencer's Photo
Kitty Spencer's Photo

In response to that, Spencer said, I was hoping to enhance my health by losing weight. Given that there is a history of diabetes in my family, I was concerned about the state of my own health. But what finally pushed me over the edge was reading some hateful remarks on the internet. So, what are these statements that she is referring to? Let's find out.

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Rude remarks on the social media platform Instagram

For a considerable amount of time, Spencer was subjected to harsh criticism from a few of the people who followed her on Instagram. These individuals made jokes about her growing weight. One of Kitty's fans made a lighthearted comment about her looks, writing, “Lay off the cake, dear.” You have a weight problem.

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Kitty Spencer
Kitty Spencer

In response to this, Kitty emailed the individual and said, “I'm sorry that you feel the need to write cruel remarks beneath images of individuals you don't know. I have never witnessed nasty actions result in anything positive in the world. Kitty was concerned about her health as well, despite the fact that it is difficult to silence those who criticize others.

Kitty Spencer came to the conclusion that her growing weight was causing her to move more slowly and was developing into an issue. Even though there was a great deal of pressure from the internet, dropping some pounds was really necessary at this point in time.

How did Kitty Spencer gain weight?

When asked by the reporter about the primary cause behind Spencer's weight increase in the first place, she said, “It was horrifying! I was 26 years old at the time and working full-time for a charity, which I liked doing, but it was a totally different world from the one I had been in before.

Kitty Spencer continued by saying, “After that, I went home and talked to my family, and my mother asked me, ‘Well, why don't you?'” I told myself, “I'm going to do it for my older self, so that I can look back and say that I did it,” and I followed through.

How did Kitty Spencer lose weight?

After making the decision to slim down, the next stage for Spencer was to develop a healthy routine, which would be followed by the process of slimming down. She began by consulting with her primary care physician, and then she met with a personal trainer, both of whom assisted her in developing strategies for maintaining a good diet and exercise routine.

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Kitty Spencer Weight Loss
Kitty Spencer Weight Loss

Kitty Spencer was able to achieve her weight loss goals by avoiding activities and foods that were detrimental to her health and focusing instead on eating foods that were pure and nutritious. She also engaged in a significant amount of physical activity, which unquestionably had a significant role in the weight that she shed.

Kitty Spencer's Diet Plan

The meals that comprised Spencer's diet plan were all home-cooked and nutritious. She stopped eating any form of manufactured food, and that was the first and most important change she made. During the course of two months, Spencer refrained from eating his meals at restaurants. Instead, she restricted her diet to consisting of organic meat, veggies, and fruits.

When asked about her diet, Spencer stated, “What shocks me the most is that people accuse me of devouring cakes and pastries, yet sugary things are actually not my thing.” Spencer was referring to the widespread misconception that she often consumes sweets.

Kitty's morning routine consisted of consuming egg whites and a protein smoothie first thing in the morning. Her typical midday meal was a bowl of Caesar salad accompanied by a piece of fried salmon fish. And for supper, Spencer could have either spaghetti or noodles, depending on his preference. Her road to a healthier weight was greatly aided by following this diet, which turned out to be highly effective. Kitty's nutrition is becoming more well-rounded as time goes on.

Kitty Spencer's Workout Plan

Kitty recalled the time when Domenico Dolce asked her if she had lost weight after trying on a dress for a fitting and she replied, “I remember trying to be really healthy, going to the gym and doing that sort of stuff, and when I tried on the dress for the fitting, he was like, ‘Have you lost weight?'”

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Kitty Spencer was describing her experience with working out.
She explained, “He asked me if I was sure, and I boldly responded, ‘Yes!' After that, he remarked, ‘OK, now the dimensions are different.'” There was no emphasis placed on the size of the item. That is in no way relevant to the discussion at all.” In order to achieve his weight loss goals, Spencer increased his time spent working out at the gym.

She would perform a wide variety of workouts, including squats, push-ups, planks, and weight lifting. In addition to that, Kitty did yoga. And the outcome of this combination was a precipitous drop in weight.

Kitty Spencer Before & After Weight Loss

Spencer was able to effectively shed 30 pounds by adhering to a balanced diet and keeping an exercise routine. Her previous weight of 162 pounds is significantly lower than her current weight of 132 pounds.

Kitty Spencer After Weight Loss
Kitty Spencer After Weight Loss

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Final Words

There are instances when what other people say is not the issue. There are moments when it is actually what you care about. This is the situation with Spencer's recent weight loss as well.

Undoubtedly, there were naysayers, and they were a significant motivating factor in Kitty's decision to go on a weight loss journey. But in the end, Spencer improved both her physical health and her appearance by changing her diet and exercising more.