Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss Journey [2023]

Kelly Doty is an American tattoo artist known for her appearance in the “Ink Master.” Nowadays, Kelly has become a part of breaking news due to her impressive weight loss.

Kelly Doty appeared on the “Ink Master Season 8′. In fact, due to her talent and distinct style, she became the finalist of the show. After that, Kelly hosted her own show, called “Ink Masters Angels.”

Keep reading to learn everything about Kelly Doty and her subsequent weight loss journey.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss
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Kelly Doty Tattoo Artist

Let's start with the basic question: who is actually Kelly Doty?

Kelly Doty is an American tattoo artist. Due to her unique style, Kelly is loved by millions of fans all around the world. Kelly was born on July 10, 1083, in Connecticut, United States. After her appearance on the Ink Master, Kelly has looked considerably toned down.

According to her new look, the tattoo artist has seemed to undergo major weight loss and look healthy and fit.

Kelly Doty Biography:

Kelly Doty DOB – July 10, 1983

Kelly Doty Nationality – English

Kelly Doty profession – Tattoo Artist

Kelly Doty Marital Status – Single

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

Are you wondering how much weight Kelly has lost? Well, the answer might surprise you.

The goth tattooist provided her fan some insight into her weight loss journey when she appeared on the “Ink Masters Angels” as a judge. The artist appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight after her last appearance on the “Ink Master Season 8”.

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The best thing about Kelly's weight loss journey is that she didn't select an easy approach. Instead of weight loss surgery, the sketch artist used a personal trainer, green tea, and a healthy lifestyle. Along with these, Kelly also follows a hardcore workout plan for the purpose to lose weight.

Kelly Doty Unmarried Life

Kelly's work is a combination of the rustic and new school, dark and bright, eerie themes. Regardless of her success as a tattoo artist, Kelly is still unmarried. Instead of her personal life, Kelly spends most of her time in Helheim Gallery – her tattoo shop.

Kelly has never spoken publicly about her loved life. It looks like the beloved tattoo artist is more focused on her career because there is no evidence of her love relationships. To this date, Kelly is known to be single, and she hasn't announced any information about her future partner or husband.

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The Ink Master Angels:

Kelly Doty became popular after her appearance on the “Ink Master.” Unfortunately, the tattoo artist lost to Ryan Ashley – the first female winner of the reality show Ink Master.

Afterward, Kelly went from contestant to judge and hosted the “Ink Master Angels.” Kelly has a general but unique style when it comes to her tattoos. Most people think Kelly used to draw creepy pictures. However, this couldn't be any far from the truth.

She has worked with all styles: from domestic violence survivor tattoo to natural disaster survivor tattoo, from armor tattoo season to spooky illustrated fairy tales, from watercolor tattoo to new school colosseum tattoos, and so on.

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Kelly Doty Net Worth

Not many people know, but Kelly Doty is pretty wealthy. It's estimated that the net worth of Kelly is over $18 million. She has earned most of her net worth from her job as a host of the “Ink Master Angles” and from her tattoo shop.

According to a report, Kelly Doty makes more than $31,000 per year and up to $82 per hour. However, keep in mind that these are just estimated numbers.