What’s The Truth Involved In Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Few celebrities want to discuss the changes that have occurred in their appearance over the years, but some can't avoid it. This is inevitably a topic that comes up because everyone has an opinion on what got them noticed in the first place. When Kaitlin Olson appeared on screen again in her hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there were fans who questioned if she had ever undergone a “transformation” like other famous comedians before her.

So, what’s the truth behind Kaitlin Olson's getting plastic surgery? Did her fans really convince her to go under the knife, or is it a myth? Here’s everything you need to know right here.

Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery: Is it a Rumor or a Truth?

Kaitlin Olson's Plastic Surgery
Kaitlin’s picture:  before (left) and after (right) (Source: Article Mix)

Kaitlin is, of course, not an exception to all the rumors about various celebrities having gone through facelifts and botox treatments. However, Kaitlin, who has not addressed the claims directly yet, has not mentioned anything either way about it. Moreover, some are furious that Kaitlin Olson has reinvented her face. Fans claim she has had facial surgery enhancements to reduce the wrinkles in her face, making it look strange and unfamiliar. However, others think it is great she has fixed this issue without any trace of going under the knife.

Nevertheless, it has been mentioned that his facial features were just the results of his undergone surgeries when she was in her childhood. Let’s figure out her intense battle with it!

Her Dreadful Childhood Accident

Some of Olson's fans who have been following her for a long time might already be familiar with the nearly fatal accident that she experienced, during which she smashed her head as well. As she was 12 when it occurred, it left her in need of skin grafts on top of the reconstructive surgeries that already needed to take place. She had to endure a lot back then, but she still turned out just fine, proving the saying true about how kids are resilient!

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“Honestly, it’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me. That was a huge hardship that took years to overcome, but I fought through it and survived.” —Kaitlin (source: www.littlefacts.com)

Indeed, we face many challenges in life, but we must not take them lightly. Over the years, she has learned how to deal with adversity by taking advantage of the resources available and surrounding herself with supportive people who can help ease her burden.

Kaitlin Olson Suffered from Bullying at School

Kaitlin Olson recently revealed that she was bullied in school. She said that some kids were nice to her while others were mean and nasty. For example, she recalled once when a kid named Casey Johnson started throwing jelly beans at her when she was standing in the lunch line – but it didn't end there because he kept on throwing them as he tried to throw them into a hole right in the middle of her forehead! A tragic accident had once left the actress's skull with a large gaping hole, causing many to make fun of her without realizing how insensitive they were.

The Truth Behind Her Plastic Surgery

Given the situation happening to her, there is a supposition that Kaitlin Olson’s plastic surgery is for reconstructive purposes. Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to correct problem areas in the body. This surgery improves appearance and self-esteem for many. They will obtain an image of the body part and work with the patient to explain what is best for their case. Some treatments include cleft palates, facial bone reconstructions, burn repair, breast reconstruction, and cancer reconstruction. 

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Although these treatments may be costly and take many months to recover from, they can drastically change the quality of life for the patient.

Did She Undergo Cosmetic Surgeries, Too?

It is common knowledge that celebrities go under the knife to achieve a specific look to be more attractive. Still, Kaitlin Olson has not been very vocal about the cosmetic operations that she has had. All she says about her surgeries is that she had to have many reconstructive surgeries because of the accidents, which is plausible considering how she looks now. 

As she got attention worldwide, she probably wanted to look as good as possible. Although she is not very vocal about being under the knife, her surgeries are the best way to explain her current looks.

She Became a Self-aware Mother

She leads a securely married life with two children. She married. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia boss and co-star Rob McElhenney, in 2008. Their sons were named Axel Lee and Leo Grey McElhenney. Of course, both take good care of their children, but Olson seems a little more conscious of her kids due to their age.

Through the hardships that she has faced earlier in life—since Olson's childhood, she worries a lot about the dangers that may harm her children. With it, she has become more aware of herself and wants to be careful around her family members. Still, she feels like it’s a never-ending cycle because when there’s an injury or something comes up, the first thing everyone does is say “Be Careful!” which to her seems unnecessary because then they get fearful.”

“I try to teach them how to protect themselves from danger by making sure that they are constantly aware of what’s going on around them and staying safe,” Olson added.


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Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery reflects on her braveness in her childhood and how she battles with it. The speculation about her having cosmetic surgery is still unknown, and it leaves the audience with a note about deep understanding and acceptance of one’s decision regardless of their feature.

Everyone has their own opinions on the matter. Still, it is important to remember that some people have a legitimate reason to change something they are unhappy with or because of their stories. The cultural understandings of beauty are changing and are becoming more inclusive. In the case of plastic surgery, this means people who have undergone cosmetic surgery still feel like they are beautiful, even if society does not agree with their choice.

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