John Sandon weight loss

John Sandon Weight Loss 2022 [Updated!]: Has he really Shed Pounds?

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Sandon is a British expert and author of various magazines about them of ceramics and cups. Sandon stumbled onto individuals notice after he arrived as a professional regarding the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. Since then, John has held the people’ fascination by sharing their information regarding collectibles.

John in addition has written a best-selling book about them. Some of them are British Porcelain Shire Books, Worcester Porcelain, and Collecting Porcelain Mitchell Beazley. Sandon is known as having become a specialist on European porcelain.

Has John Sandon lost weight?

John Sandon weight loss

Soon after John’s latest photo surfaced on the internet, fans started making different theories. Some claimed that Sandon is ill, although some claimed that he has lost weight. People started asking concerns regarding Sandon’s health.

However, there was clearly no enhancement in Sandon’s health. When John keeps their specific everyday lives key, generally speaking, there ultimately ends up being the talk of losing weight. What seemingly have taken place the next is John is slim because of aging.

John Sandon weight loss

However, John’s dad, the distinguished porcelain expert, Henry Sandon, had some medical problems in 2019. The 93-year-old porcelain expert dropped on the house floor coverings and stayed right here for 20 hours because of fainting.

Finally, police broke in as they had been being delivered by their users of the household once they couldn’t contact Henry. However, as of now, Henry and their son, John, are healthiest and fine.

Where Is John Sandon Now?

John Sandon weight loss

After being a manager of ceramics and cup at Bonhams for 44 years, Sandon resigned in 2019. However, he remains a vital figure and remains a consultant. Besides that, Sandon is also a vital component of the research team.

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