John Sandon Illness Weight Loss 2023: Has he really Shed Pounds?

John Sandon is a British authority on the subject of ceramics and glass, and he is the author of a number of works on the subject. After serving as a judge on the BBC program “Antiques Roadshow,” Sandon gained widespread recognition among the general audience. Since then, John has continued to pique the interest of the audience by sharing his expertise in antiques.

John Sandon
John Sandon

John Sandon is also the author of the books that have been the most successful on this subject. Collecting Porcelain by Mitchell Beazley, British Porcelain by Shire Books, and Worcester Porcelain are just a few of the titles in this category. Many people look to Sandon as an expert when it comes to European porcelain.

Has John Sandon lost weight?

John Sandon Weight Loss
John Sandon Illness Weight Loss

As soon as John's most recent photo became available on the internet, followers immediately began theorizing about various things. There have been rumors that Sandon is sick, while some have speculated that he has become thinner. People started inquiring about Sandon's health when they became concerned.

Sandon's health, on the other hand, showed no signs of deterioration. Because John's private life is kept hidden from others, there was no discussion about him losing weight. It would appear that John is putting on weight as a natural consequence of aging in this scenario.

Henry Sandon, John's father and a world-renowned authority on porcelain, struggled with his health during the year 2019. The porcelain specialist, who was 93 years old, passed out and collapsed to the floor of his kitchen, where he remained for 20 hours.

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After his relatives attempted to get in touch with Henry but were unable, the police were called and eventually broke down the door. However, both Henry and his son John appear to be in good health at the present time.

Where Is John Sandon Now?

John Sandon's Photo

John Sandon took his retirement in 2019 after serving as a director of Ceramics and Glass at Bonhams for a total of 44 years. Despite this, he is still a significant figure and continues to serve as a consultant. In addition to that, Sandon is an extremely important member of the research team.

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