John Popper Weight Loss 2023 Updated!: Lost 238 Pounds by Surgery

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The lead singer of Blue tourist has constantly struggled with obesity. Thanks to their eating routine. However, things switched actually bad as he felt discomfort in their upper body. He had been enjoying life along with his gf in Hawaii in those days.

They had been in hot spa enjoying the stunning night. This is whenever things got unsightly. Popper started experiencing upper body discomfort. “I’d felt these chest pains for a year but this was different,” stated John.

Popper suffered a really deadly coronary attack in 1999. So deadly so it had very nearly taken their life. Within moments, John discovered himself in medical center addressing health practitioners. They warned him about their weight and present condition. John Popper weight loss journey can be an inspirational journey among other vocalists like Zac Brown and Wynonna Judd.

How did Popper lose plenty weight?

Fans constantly ask just how did Popper do so. But it absolutely wasn’t an intentional weight loss. Rather it absolutely was a near-death experience. When John reached a medical facility, health practitioners spared their life however they warned him about their practices saying “Your life is going to change”.

Doctors additionally warned which he must go through an urgent situation angioplasty because of 95per cent arterial obstruction. Later, Popper additionally underwent gastric bypass surgery. Because of which he destroyed an important quantity of weight.

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Before surgery, John weighed about 420 pounds. Now that’s a really unhealthy quantity in terms of weight. However, after surgery, Popper lost 238 pounds. That surgery spared their life.

How did Popper gain plenty weight?

The primary real question is, How did he achieve here to start with? Because this is exactly what made the tale. Popper had the practice of overeating. He never ever analyzed just how many calories had been he using.

John additionally had the bad practice of consuming a lot of and using h**oin. Given the practices, it absolutely was apparent your outcomes won’t be good. And he finished up in medical center.

Change in Popper’s Habits

After that life-threatening coronary attack, Popper labored on their eating and consuming practice. He began noting exactly what he had been eating the entire day. John additionally quit heroin. In spot of hefty and processed foods, he looked to veggies and light meals. Popper additionally began doing workout.

What did John state about surgery?

“It was a horrible experience. I will never forget it,” stated Popper. “It also opened my eyes towards my bad habits. Towards the things, I was doing wrong.”

Where is Popper now?

As of now, John lives near Snohomish, Washington. However, reports aren't good offered their weight. He has, once more, gained plenty of weight.


Eating pizza and burgers seems good. Drinking alcohol together with your buddies during the club seems cool. But all of these things do have more bad negative effects than experiencing cool. As you can observe, Popper’s overeating brought him near death.

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So, evaluate what you are actually feeding towards belly. There will be a lot of nutrients apart from processed foods and liquor. Enjoy time together with your household. And, of program, together with your buddies too but without liquor. Because sobriety is quite enjoyable. Take care of your quality of life and laugh.