John Moreland Weight Loss [2023]

John Moreland, an American singer and songwriter, was struggling with his over-weighted body from the beginning. John has been bulky since he was a little kid. However, recently, john Robert Moreland has shocked his fans with his impressive transformation.

The john Moreland weight loss story is quite astonishing. Even with the obesity, he didn't lose hope and delivered some of the most beloved songs. John has millions of fans all around the world that were concerned about his health. So, with his strong will, healthy diet, and daily exercise, John Moreland weight has lost rapidly.

keep reading to learn everything you need to know about John Moreland and his life journey:

John Moreland Weight Loss
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John Moreland Wiki

John Moreland is an American singer born on June 22, 1985, in Longview, Texas. He was born to Robert Lloyd Moreland and Connie May Moreland. John has become one of the most popular singers out there due to his hard work and passion.

Even as a child, John was focused on music. In the beginning, he used to play in local punk and hardcore bands, including Arson – A local metalcore Oklahoma band.

John Moreland Biography:

John Moreland Date of Birth – June 22, 1985

John Moreland Place of Birth – Longview, Texas

John Moreland Marital Status – Married

John Moreland Occupation – Singer/Song Writer

John Moreland Age – 36

John Moreland Lifestyle

Living a life of obesity is not a piece of cake. John Moreland was over-weighted as a child. However, that didn't stop him from being one of the most talented singers and songwriters.

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Early Life

Robert Lloyd Moreland, the father of John Moreland, was an engineer who worked for Sunoco. Because of his father's job, John and his family moved a lot.

John came from a conservative Southern Baptist family. When he was just a baby, his family moved to Kentucky. Afterward, the Moreland family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when the boy was 10 years old.


John Moreland Career

When John Moreland was 13 years old, he met a boy who used to write songs for the church. The boy inspired John, and he started to write songs as well.

John Moreland appeared in his 1st show when he was just 14 years old. Afterward, we started to play with different hardcore and metalcore bands.

John Moreland released his first album, ” Endless Oklahoma Sky,” in 2005 that became a huge success. John Moreland also runs a small mail-order business. To this date, John has released five solo albums, and he has also worked with numerous brands, including Dawes.

Normally, John Moreland plays solo with his acoustic guitar. However, he is also a proud member of two well-known brands, including the Dust Bowl Souls and the Black Gold Band. Even though he used to be a rock-based musician in the past, Moreland's most recent songs are more acoustic.

As of today, three of Moreland's original songs have been featured on the famous TV series, the “Sons of Anarchy.” These songs include:

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