Joe Thomas Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

In the world of American football, Joe Thomas is considered somewhat of a legend. In point of fact, he is regarded as a living legend. The former National Football League player's remarkable abilities helped him break a number of records and win the affection of tens of thousands of fans. In addition, Joe is the current holder of the record for the longest string of playing more than 10,000 straight snaps.

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas

He has accomplished a lot in his life, and there is a really interesting tale that goes along with all of it. It takes a lot of hard work to become the best offensive lineman there is, especially the effort to maintain fitness, as Joe did not maintain his fitness in his younger years. However, where there is a burning desire, there is also a path.

He struggled mightily to adapt his behavior in response to the frequent shifts in his weight. During his conversation with Men's Health, Joe characterized the circumstances of his formative years as follows: “When I went on campus at Wisconsin in July of my freshman year, I was 250. They were considering playing me on the offensive line but decided against it. And at 250 pounds, just wasn't going to cut it .

But Thomas was having none of it, and he immediately began to concentrate on improving his fitness, particularly with his recent weight gain. And within a few months, Joe ended up gaining a total of 325 pounds as a result of the fact that he ate “a sandwich every 30 minutes in addition to my three main meals a day.” By doing that, Thomas was able to get the spot on the offensive line that he coveted the most.

You may also be interested to know that the basketball coach, Brad Underwood, has shed the same amount of weight.

Joe Thomas's Recent Weight Loss

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas Weight Loss

The narrative of Joe's famous and well-known fitness throughout his whole career is something that we shall discuss in more detail later. Nevertheless, Joe's recent startlingly rapid weight loss is the item that has caught everyone by surprise. Following Thomas' retirement, there were fewer opportunities for his admirers to watch him play.

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Therefore, when they saw Thomas' new photo, which was making the rounds on the internet, their startled reaction completely made sense given the context. Joe has successfully shed 50 pounds so far and is continuing to work on his weight loss. The issue now is how exactly he managed to do it. We fully understand the level of interest that everyone of you has in the mysterious circumstances surrounding his weight loss. So let's delve in.

Joe Thomas’ Weight Loss Journey

Before we go into how he managed to pull it off, another question that immediately comes to mind is why he managed to pull it off. Well, after retirement, Joe didn't get to travel much. Even though he was going to the gym and working out, the extra weight that he had put on in order to play video games was no longer necessary, and it was beginning to pose some sort of problem for him.

Not only did it make Joe's movements more laborious, but it also posed a risk to his physical wellbeing. The following quote from Joe encapsulates his frustration with his weight: “Towards the end, I couldn't wait till I was done playing and could drop weight and move about and feel better and go shoot hoops with my mates again.” I wanted to go back to the weight that I was when I was in high school, which was 250 pounds.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss & Gain
Joe Thomas Weight Loss & Gain

So now that we have addressed the issue of “why,” let's go on to the next topic, which is “how.” By making significant changes to his lifestyle, Thomas was able to achieve his weight loss goals. He abandoned nearly all of his former routines. Although the majority of his attention was directed around his eating routines because that is where the issue was.

In addition to the changes he made to his dietary pattern, Joe also began devoting more attention and time to his exercise program. The combination of these two significant behaviors ultimately assisted him in overcoming the developing weight problem. Here is a rundown of the specifics:

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The Joe Thomas Diet Plan

To begin with, Joe cut back significantly on his intake of sugar. Because prior to beginning his mission to lose weight, he was consuming a lot of sugar and had developed an addiction to the substance. Thomas was prone to overeating, in addition to having a sweet tooth and a love of sweets. Every time he sat down to eat, he couldn't figure out when to quit.

The way that he himself explained the problem was as follows: “You're basically eating till you feel sick at each meal.” And that's not good for you in the long run. Therefore, in order to find a solution to this issue, he began keeping track of everything. Joe would meticulously document everything that he consumed in a food journal.

He accomplished this objective with the use of a smartphone application called MyPlate Calorie Counter. The application is really easy to understand and use. Simply enter the name of the item and the quantity that you consumed, and the app will provide you with information on the number of calories that were included in the dish. Throughout the course of the day, additional information will be gathered, and at the day's conclusion, you will receive the whole report.

After using the app for a few days, Joe came to the realization that he was taking in an extremely unhealthy amount of sugar and began taking steps to reduce his intake of the substance. Thomas was successful in reducing the amount of sugar he consumed, and he also stopped eating any form of food that included oil.

He decided to begin his fast. According to Joe, his experience may best be expressed by stating, “The biggest benefit of fasting for me is removing breakfast, which for me was between 800 and 1,000 calories.” Joe was able to minimize the amount of calories he consumed and make the necessary adjustments to his diet plan in order to make it healthier.

Joe’s Workout Plan

Because burning calories is such a crucial component of weight loss, a diet plan that does not include a workout plan is likely not going to be the best option. Thomas engaged in a regimen of cardiovascular exercise. On the other hand, he experienced some issues with his joints. Consequently, he engaged in “low-impact cardio.” “I fell in love with riding and swimming at the same time.” Because I'm a larger person, the greatest form of cardio for me is low impact, “Thomas explained to the journalist.

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Joe does yoga in addition to his cardiovascular workouts. It is a low-impact workout that helps him achieve mental calm and also helps him feel better physically. Despite this, his wife continues to poke fun at him regardless of what he does. “My wife laughs. But I get terrific exercise out of it since I sweat a lot, “Joe added.

Joe Thomas: Before and After Weight Loss

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Before & After
Joe Thomas Weight Loss Before & After

Joe said with elation, “I've knocked it down to 255!” He started out at 305 pounds and has since dropped down to 255 pounds, a weight loss of 50 pounds. It is quite remarkable to see anything like this.

Intentionally gaining weight during his career

Joe cherished his job and was willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep it. He placed a premium on maintaining a steady weight since it was one of his primary concerns. Consequently, I was required to maintain my weight at the same level.

This is how Joe described the issue he was having. He proceeded by saying, “It was difficult because I knew I was losing weight if I went two hours without eating a Thanksgiving dinner,” and “So I was the guy that was always there at the table clearing everybody else's plates.”

This provides a reasonably good explanation for his eventual struggle with gaining weight. On the other hand, the bright side is that he was successful in shedding the additional weight and changing his unhealthy eating patterns.

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Final Words

The road that Joe has taken to shed unhealthful and excess pounds serves as an excellent model for everybody who is interested in accomplishing this goal. He made the appropriate decisions at the appropriate times, which resulted in positive changes to his health.