Jillian Bell Weight Loss: (2023) Diet, Workout, Before and After

Bell is an actor, comedian, and screenwriter from the United States. When she was chosen to write for the 35th season of Saturday Night Live in 2009, she began her career as a writer. When she was cast in the role of Jillian Belk in Workaholics, she had a breakthrough in her acting career.

Jillian Bell Weight Loss
Jillian Bell Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey

Bell was just cast as the lead in Paul Colaizzo‘s film Brittany Runs a Marathon. In order to portray the character, Jillian had to undergo a transformation, as the name implies. She had to lose weight in order to portray Brittany.

Jillian had to lose more than 40 pounds for this film. “It's extremely different from a lot of the characters I've performed before,” Bell remarked of the experience. But I felt a strong connection to her and wanted to portray her experience as truthfully as possible. “I was smitten by her.”

Jillian Bell Weight Loss
Jillian Bell Weight Loss

“Brittany has a hard time accepting affection from others, but I am constantly surrounded by family and friends,” she continued. But I battle with a lot of the same concerns she does, including self-worth difficulties. “

Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity for Bell to enhance not just her physical but also her mental health. After getting cast for the part, the next step was to begin the weight-loss process. So, how did she manage to do it?

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Jillian Bell Weight Loss

How did Jillian lose weight?

“I wanted to follow the character's physical journey, so I lost 40 pounds,” Bell explained. She was given a detailed guidebook to follow in order to lose weight. “I guess I had the script seven months before we started filming.” “I was just re-reading it all the time, performing the routines, and starting to train and run,” says the author. Jillian continued.

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Jillian successfully shed 29 pounds by starting her weight loss journey prior to the start of filming. Her other 11 pounds were gone while she was filming. Bell lost weight by following a nutritious diet and working out every day.

She avoided processed foods as much as possible and ate a totally plant-based diet. She also drank a lot of water to keep her hydration levels in check. Bell joined a gym and did cycling, running, weight lifting, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups in addition to sticking to a strict diet.

Bell not only ran a marathon, but he also ran a half marathon. A movie scene was filmed during an actual marathon across New York, where Bell's fellow runners thought they were filming for a documentary.

Before and After Weight Loss

Jillian Bell Weight Loss (Before & After)

Jillian has shed 40 pounds by working out and eating a nutritious diet. Her current weight is 130 pounds, down from roughly 170 pounds previously.

Impact of Transformation on Jillian’s Life

Bell's experience as Brittany had a significant impact on her life. “After making this film, I had to take a close look at how I was treating myself.” Jillian explained, “I noticed I was saying more negative things to myself than positive.”

“This movie has given me a lot,” she continued. Now, I'm more concerned about my health and how I treat myself. I don't put a lot of pressure on myself. Brittany stayed with me in the end. “

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Final Words

Jillian's weight loss transformation is a testament to her work and commitment. It teaches us that if you are motivated and passionate enough, you can accomplish anything. Remember that the power of will is the key to success.

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