Gary Anthony Williams weight loss 2022: Diet, Workout

Gary Anthony Williams weight loss transformation and journey have left his fans “mind blown.” According to online sources, Gary has lost weight rapidly in recent years without any weight loss surgery or supplements.

Gary Anthony Williams is an American actor, writer, director, producer and comedian. His most famous character includes Uncle Ruckus from the famous adult animated sitcom, the Boondocks. However, in this article, we will discuss Gary Anthony Williams weight loss journey.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it:

Gary Anthony Williams weight loss
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Gary Anthony Williams lifestyle

Let’s start with a little biography of Gary Anthony Williams. He was born in Fayetteville, Georgia, on March 14, 1966. Gary attended a local school in Georgia and started his acting career by showing much interest in television, comedy, and theater.

To this date, Gary(Stevie’s Dad) has appeared in numerous television series, including Malcolm In The Middle, Blue Collar Tv, Buston Legal And Weeds. Since 2013, Gary has also become a cast member of the famous comedy tv series, Whose Line is it Anyway.

Gary is married to Leslie Williams and has attained a lot of fame in showbiz. Due to his talent and comedy, Gary has millions of fans all around the world. However, in recent years, his fans began to notice the incredible Gary’s weight loss journey.

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Gary Anthony Williams weight loss journey

The incredible weight loss journey of Gary Anthony Williams started when he was shooting for his movie “Undercover Brother” in 2001. In April 2001, Gary visited his doctor for a regular checkup, and his doctor informed, “we cannot weigh you on this scale; it does not get that high.”

The thought of being so overweight that he cannot even weigh himself was life-changing. Afterward, Gary became concerned about his health and determined to get his ideal body.

From April 2001 to 2002, Gary has lost more than 50 pounds and worked in “Spy Spoof” with Dennis Richards, Chris Kattan, Eddie Griffin”. It’s noteworthy to mention that all this lost weight wasn’t the result of surgery or supplements. Instead, it was a result of sheer willpower and hard work. To this date, Gary has lost more than 70 kg of weight, which is quite incredible.

Diet plan

The best thing about this weight loss journey is that it was a result of the “Gary Anthony Williams weight loss diet plan.”

The main focus of this diet plan was to eliminate all carbs from Gary’s daily meals. To achieve his ideal body, Gary has sacrificed a lot of foods, including rice, milk, sugar, pasta, potato, and even bread. Luckily, all these sacrifices paid off, and Gary lost more than 155 pounds.


Gary Anthony Williams weight loss diet plan was not the only thing that helped him change his life. Gary also followed an intense workout plan. However, the most significant thing that helped him lose weight was running.

In 2001, Gary started running a few minutes. However, the temptation to get his ideal body helped him a lot, and he lost more than 50 pounds in just a year. Afterward, the actor followed a comprehensive workout plan to burn more calories.