Erika Thomas Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Journalist Erika Thomas is a citizen of the United States. She was born in the Midwest of the United States. Erika received her degree in Anthropology from the University of Missouri. She earned degrees in both journalism and economics during her time at the university. As of just this moment, Thomas is employed with KFSM 5NEWS.

Because of her distinctive and personable reporting style, Thomas was able to swiftly win the hearts of thousands of people. Because she has such a deep and abiding affection for her followers, she uses her Facebook profile to regularly update them on what's going on in her life.

Erika Thomas had just published a picture of herself on her Instagram account with the remark, “Looking forward to reducing weight.” Her followers were taken aback and energized by this news. And after a month, Thomas updated her Facebook status to declare that she had dropped “13 POUNDS.”

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How did Erika Thomas lose weight?

Erika Thomas
Source: Instagram

When Erika Thomas posted about her weight loss, the comments section was filled with people congratulating her and asking how she managed to lose so much weight. Nearly everyone was seeking some words of wisdom. So, Erika responded to everyone with a few hints here and there. One of her admirers pleaded with her, “Please share your secret.” I am having a lot of trouble getting through this. “ Thomas penned the following in response to that: “Portion control and exercise.”

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But what exactly led up to Erika losing so much weight in the first place? Now, we are here to inform you of that fact. Every day, she adhered to the well-crafted eating plan that she had created. Thomas didn't just restrict his food intake; he also engaged in a variety of physical activities.

The most important aspects that contributed to Erika's successful weight loss were her dogged resolve and unwavering constancy. She possesses willpower that is second to none. And if you have an iron will, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. The following is information on her proposed diet and exercise routines:

Erika’s Diet Plan

As was said before, Erika adheres strictly to the diet that she meticulously worked out and now follows on a daily basis. She doesn't miss a single day of work. She begins her day with a “Break-My-Fast Smoothie,” her very own customized variation of the popular beverage. The following is the formula for her signature smoothie:

Blend it up, and then, depending on how much denser you want it to be, place it in the freezer for a certain amount of time. This delicious smoothie has only 385 calories in it. Therefore, it is perfectly OK to use coffee or tea as a suitable replacement for it. Thomas enjoys a salad with chicken breasts or a salad with fried salmon for both lunch and dinner. Alternatively, he may have a salad with grilled salmon.

She maintains a daily caloric intake of 1500. By doing it in this manner, Thomas was successful in not only reducing his weight but also keeping it off.

Erika Thomas's Workout Plan

A weight loss strategy is not considered complete unless it also includes a plan for physical activity, of course. Erika has an excellent understanding of it. Because of this, she has made it a habit to include physical activity in her daily schedule. She gets up at six o'clock every morning and goes for a lengthy run thereafter.

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She goes to the gym immediately after finishing her breakfast, where she puts in a half-hour of effort doing cardiovascular exercises. Squats, push-ups, and pull-ups, as well as cycling, are some of the exercises included. In addition, she spends a quarter of an hour meditating and doing yoga in order to quiet her thoughts.

Erika Thomas: Before and After Weight Loss

Erika Thomas After Weight Loss
Erika Thomas After Weight Loss

The before and after images of Thomas's house are strikingly different from one another. Up to this point, she has managed to shed almost 20 pounds. Erika's current weight is between 125 and 130 pounds. When compared to her previous weight of 150 pounds, this is a significant change.

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Final Words

Despite the hectic nature of her day-to-day existence, Thomas has managed to carve out time for her health. The state of our health is of the utmost importance. Do you remember the proverb that we all picked up in school that said “Health is Wealth”? It turned out to be correct. If you, too, are battling obesity, take heart in the fact that successfully losing weight is not an insurmountable obstacle. You will be successful if you exhibit the same level of drive that Erika did. You've got this in the bag.