Emma Chamberlain: Height, Weight Loss, Diet & Workout

Emma Chamberlain has an American accent. On practically every social media network, she has millions of fans. Chamberlain rose to fame on the internet because of her YouTube channel, which has over 11 million followers. Chamberlain received the 2018 Streamy Award for her significant impact on the internet.

Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain was named one of Time magazine's “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” in 2019. She also has a YouTube podcast called Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain. Emma is well-known for her fitness as well as her incredible talent.

Almost everyone she meets wonders how Chamberlain keeps so active and healthy. You might be shocked to learn of Emma's struggle to have a balanced existence. In truth, she suffers from an eating disorder.

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss
Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss, Source: Instagram

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Emma Chamberlain's Height

The height of Emma Chamberlain is specified as 5 feet and 4 inches for the height. Because she is worried about her physical health, she exercises on a daily basis in order to keep her weight stable at 50 kg.

Her eyes are a gorgeous blue, and her hair is a rich brown tone. She is a stunning woman. Emma wears a size 7 in shoes in the United States. She is not adorned with any tattoos anywhere on her body.

Emma’s Struggle With Eating Disorder

“I've been suffering with an eating issue my entire childhood,” Chamberlain stated in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. It was an unintended consequence of growing up as an internet star. I'm not too concerned about how I appear anymore, but that wasn't always the case.

Emma Chamberlain used to be so obsessed with her appearance that she would even miss meals. She also claimed that editing YouTube videos at night helped with her slimmer figure. Her relatives even chastised her for starving herself.

In response, she stated, “My entire family told me I looked horrible.” “You look like you are dying,” they remarked. “I told myself, ‘I think I look great.'” The good news is that she is no longer in that period. Emma is now incredibly self-assured and at ease with her image.

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How does Emma Chamberlain stay fit and healthy?

She had previously stopped fussing over her appearance. Emma has established a healthy daily regimen that she adheres to on a daily basis in order to keep fit and active. Chamberlain consumes nutritious organic cuisine and works out every day. But there's more to her day than that. Continue reading.

1. “Coffee Before Everything”

This may appear unusual, but Chamberlain prioritizes coffee over anything else. Everything, I mean everything. When asked about her daily routine, she stated, “The first thing I do when I get up is check the clock.” Because I don't set alarms. Then I looked at my phone. And if there are any urgent texts or emails, I respond to them first.

Emma Chamberlain Diet
Emma Chamberlain Diet

“And then it's coffee time right away,” she continued. I get out of bed without brushing my teeth or washing my face and walk straight downstairs. I either brew my first cup of coffee or go to a coffee shop with someone. ” It was also her first cup of coffee. She consumes four of them in a single day.

The fact that Emma has her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, explains her coffee fixation. “I have coffee every day.” It would be strange if I didn't, “Emma said.”

2. A Really Good Breakfast

Chamberlain eats breakfast every day, which is fantastic. One of the most common mistakes individuals make while attempting to lose weight is not having breakfast. You may find yourself wanting to eat all day if you don't have a nice breakfast.

Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain

As a result, instead of ingesting a few calories, you will wind up consuming many more. “My breakfast practically every single day is two fried eggs,” Chamberlain said of her morning. VERY WELL COOKED Like, probably overdone. to the point that most people would refuse to consume it. “I prefer my eggs slightly burnt.”

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Emma Chamberlain Working Every Day

Emma's success now stems from her ability to remain constant in her efforts. Chamberlain sits in front of her laptop after her coffee and breakfast and does whatever has to be done, generally updating her YouTube account.

“Usually, after breakfast, I'll start working on whatever I need to work on,” Chamberlain explained. “After I get a substantial piece of work done, then I'll take a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, and do everything else.”

4. Lunch Isn’t That Exciting

Chamberlain benefits from eating a healthy breakfast in that she does not feel the need to eat lunch. “Lunch is the most ignored meal for me,” she told Harper's Bazaar. Emma does not go without lunch. It is because she consumes fewer calories than others.

“I've never made a meal,” Emma responded when asked what she eats for lunch. I can't remember the last time I prepared lunch. This salad has recently been a favorite of mine at Zinc. And on top, there's spinach, lentils, carrots, a hard-boiled egg, and a beautiful salty, shallot vinaigrette. “

Emma Chamberlain's Photo
Emma Chamberlain's Photo

“It sounds so monotonous, but it's really amazing,” she continued. That's what I've been having for lunch. In Los Angeles, I occasionally eat a burrito or a burrito bowl from Takaya.

5. Emma Chamberlain's Being Vegetarian

“I'm a vegetarian,” Emma explained. “I used to be vegan, but I grew up vegetarian.” I've never eaten meat in my life. I remain a vegetarian mostly because I am a fussy eater. “ This has been really useful for Emma's health.

She has maintained an active lifestyle and has avoided ingesting cholesterol by being a vegetarian. Emma, on the other hand, is looking forward to trying new foods. She stated that as she ages, she is attempting to be more “flexible.”

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6. Emma Chamberlain Eating Snacks Whenever I Feel Like

Emma Chamberlain also eats snacks whenever she is hungry. “I'm not a great lover of snacks, but I eat them whenever I become hungry.” Depending on her mood, she eats crackers, plums, yogurt, Nutella, or cheese.

7. Dinner Is My Favorite Meal

Yes, you read that correctly. Emma's favorite meal is dinner. “It is my favorite meal of the day, to be honest, because it's just like go wild,” she remarked. ” If I'm cooking for myself, I like something low-maintenance.”

“I'll take some frozen vegetables of some kind, cook them up, cut up some tofu, fry it in some olive oil, mix it in with the veggies, take some brown rice, mix that in there, and then I love pouring yellow curry sauce all over it, and then I season it,” Chamberlain explained.

Emma's eating habits are erratic. She is also crazy about spaghetti and burritos. Aside from that, Chamberlain consumes a vegan burger. You read that correctly. It's Monty's Burger in Los Angeles. And so goes Emma's dinner: odd, delightful, and nutritious.

8. Working Out Isn’t A Regular Thing

Although Chamberlain believes in having a healthy lifestyle, she dislikes working out. But she must maintain equilibrium. Emma works out at home instead of going to the gym. She also often engages in yoga. “I'm not a huge lover of working out,” Emma said.

Emma Chamberlain's Body Measurements

Chamberlain has kept herself fit and healthy by eating a nutritious diet and doing yoga every day and weighs 110 pounds (50 kg).

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Final Words

Many people suffer from either body dysmorphia or an eating disorder. One of them was Emma Chamberlain. The good news is that she has recovered and is now enjoying a happy, healthy life.

Emma has demonstrated that getting out of that precarious situation is not difficult. So, if you want to live a healthy and happy life, simply follow Emma's example.