Dua Lipa Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Dua Lipa is a British singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom. Her disco-pop songs have earned her a lot of attention throughout the years. In addition to that, Lipa possesses mezzo-soprano, which is a sort of vocal range used by classically trained female singers. The young vocalist has garnered a number of honors during the course of her career in the music industry.

Dua Lipa
Source: Instagram

She has been honored with a total of nine accolades, including three Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, and two Guinness World Records. Additionally, Lipa is well-known for her small frame. Her live performance is wonderful to behold, as she not only sings but also dances along with the music.

However, she's been going through some struggles with her weight as of late. When COVID-19 struck the planet, everyone, including Dua, was confined to their homes for several days, and she was unable to go to the gym at that time. As a direct consequence of this, she was unable to preserve her formerly thin shape and instead put on some more weight.

Dua was not having it, despite the fact that nobody else seemed to think that it was a big problem. Fans started noticing a major shift in her looks as soon as the routines of her life returned to normal, such as when the gyms opened. After the epidemic, Dua emerged on the Grammy red carpet with a more trimmer figure.

Her devoted followers were taken aback by this news and demanded an explanation from the British artist. And I have no doubt that is also the reason you are present now. So, without further ado, let's get right into the details of Dua's struggle to lose weight.

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How did Dua lose weight?

Dua Lipa Weight Loss
Source: Instagram

Dua began going to the gym once more as soon as the lockdown was lifted, and she was able to lose 17 pounds as a result. Nevertheless, she made significant adjustments to the routine she had been following. After going to the gym once per day for an hour in the past, she has recently increased her time spent there to twice per day.

In addition to that, Lipa made considerable adjustments to the nutrition plan that she was following. She refrained from consuming any foods that had even a remote possibility of causing her to gain weight. Shall we find out about Dua's eating habits and exercise routine?

Dua Lipa Weight Loss (Diet Plan)

Dua gets up at six in the morning to start her day. She leaves the house for a lengthy stroll and doesn't come back for half an hour. After getting back, she makes herself a cup of green tea and enjoys it. also consumes oatmeal. Salad was the only thing that Lipa consumed for both lunch and dinner. In addition to that, she started taking in a lot of water.

Consuming a greater quantity of water served as a double-edged sword in this scenario. Dua's hunger pangs were nonexistent, unlike in the past, and she also had significantly more energy in comparison to how she used to feel. Whether she was working out at the gym or performing on stage, she made the most of the energy that was available to her.

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Do not misunderstand; while it is true that Dua adheres to a stringent eating plan and fasts on a regular basis, this should not give you the incorrect idea. She does indulge in a few indulgences for herself. “I'm never one to stop myself from having treats,” Lipa said. “I do enjoy wicked sweets, but I try to restrict it to days when I'm not as busy.” “If I do have a doughnut, it typically puts me in a food coma,” Lipa added. “I'm never one to stop myself from having treats.”

Dua Lipa Weight Loss (Workout Plan)

A road toward weight loss without a structured fitness routine is just not viable. As was noted earlier, Dua stepped up the difficulty of her regular exercise program. Because she felt that she needed to make up for the lost time, she decided to travel. In addition, she made up for the time that she lost due to the epidemic by working extra hours.

However, when Lipa continued to shed the weight she had acquired and brought her body back into balance, she progressively cut the amount of time she spent exercising down to 15 minutes. You did understand it correctly. Because her exercise program is so strenuous, only fifteen minutes of it is all that is necessary to keep a body as flawless as hers.

Dua Lipa Weight Loss (Before & After)

Dua Lipa Weight Loss Before & After

Lipa was successful in shedding 17 pounds after she made significant adjustments to the way she lived her life. She is currently weighing 128 pounds. When we last saw Lipa, she weighed 145 pounds.

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Jenna Johnson, an additional American singer and songwriter, has dropped a total of 30 pounds.

Final Words

A lot of younger girls look up to Dua Lipa as a role model and a terrific example to follow. She has demonstrated that achieving one's goals is attainable by shedding 17 pounds in a short period of time. In the event that you are considering Dua's path as a model for your own, though, I would encourage you to proceed with caution because everyone's bodies are unique and adapting to a new habit might take varying amounts of time depending on how long it takes your body.