David Harbour Weight Loss: (2023) He Lost 75 Pounds on Diet

Some facts about David Harbour's weight loss: David Harbour is an actor who hails from the United States. He has appeared in supporting roles in a variety of films, including Suicide Squad, The Green Hornet, End of Watch, and Extraction, among others.

However, David's career took off once he was cast in the original Netflix series “Stranger Things.” This was a major turning point for David.

David Harbour was presented with an award from the Critics' Choice Television. In addition to that, he was nominated for one Golden Globe Award and two Emmy Awards.

David's appearance in the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things' was a recent revelation that stunned his devoted following. There were two different factors that led to the astonishment of the supporters.

David Harbour's Photo
David Harbour's Photo

Two things stood out: first, that the long-dead believed Hopper was still alive, and second, that David's body seemed to have changed much since they last saw him.

In order to participate in the fourth season, he had to shed a total of 75 pounds. You did understand it correctly. As the Russians forced Hopper to do a great deal of manual labor during his time in the gulag, Harbour was compelled to shed several pounds in order to more convincingly portray the role of Hopper.

Fans were curious when they saw that David Harbour had reduced weight, and they wanted to know how he managed to accomplish this goal.

The dramatic weight loss that David Harbour has achieved is the result of a long and difficult struggle. In light of this, let's not waste any more time and go straight into his weight loss narrative.

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David Harbour’s Weight Loss Journey

David Harbour mentioned his weight loss and his role by saying, “When I pulled my shirt off, I wanted to expose this physique that had been hardened by this jail.” He was referring to his character and his weight reduction. ‘You know, a man who was more harsh but was also slimmer and had not been eating properly,' he said.

In point of fact, David did not spend any time in a gulag in order to reduce his weight. He continued to fast on an occasional basis in order to achieve his weight loss goals.

David Harbour monitored the fasting process with a great deal of self-control. And the results were worth it in the end. The kind of food that he consumed was not as important as the quantity of food that he consumed while fasting.

David Harbour said, in reference to his efforts, “It wasn't so much about what I was eating; rather, it was about the how, and that was far better for my lifestyle.” “You've got to steam chicken breast and veggies and a little bit of rice,” are the words that come out of the mouths of all these fitness gurus, but it's just not my vibe.

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David Harbour Weight Loss
David Harbour Weight Loss

He went on to say, “I did eat some of it despite the fact that I was so huge, and the weight fell off of me fairly effortlessly.”

After he had lost some weight, David felt much better overall and was filled with joy. It was as if a weight had been taken off of his shoulders at that very moment. He has every intention of continuing to lead a life of wellness in the days to come.

David Harbour Weight Loss (Before & After)

Harbour was successful in losing 75 pounds thanks to her practice of intermittent fasting. Not only did the weight reduction make it easier for him to play the role of a gulag worker, but it also radically changed his health.

David Harbour Weight Loss (Before & After)
David Harbour Weight Loss (Before & After)

Harbour's previous weight was 265 pounds, but he has successfully lost a significant amount of weight and is now hovering at 190 pounds.

David’s Comments On His Weight Loss Transformation

David seems to be really pleased with how he looks now that he has lost weight. In reference to this topic, he made the following statement: “There is health, and then there is aesthetics, like how you seem, and then there is how you feel, and I believe sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they are quite different.”

He explained it by saying, “My whole connection with my body shifted. I had the impression that I could put greater faith in this device, and that meant I could do more. Those are the less significant things in life for which I am thankful. Because I've worked on strengthening my core, I no longer get aches and pains in my hips and knees.

David’s Struggle With Alcoholism

In the past, Harbour had battled problems related to drinking. And only once you are aware of it will you be able to properly appreciate the effort that he puts into practicing fasting.

In his 20s, David battled an addiction to the substance in question. He said that he felt “extremely lonely and directionless in his life” at the time.

And it was after coming to that realization that David made the choice to finally kick his addiction to alcohol once and for all.

It would seem that Harbour is rather adamant about his choice. He said, “I appreciate my sobriety much too much at this point to go back to drinking.”

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GQ: You underwent quite the metamorphosis for the most recent season of Stranger Things. How many pounds did you drop overall, and when did it happen?

David Harbour: The total was probably about 75 pounds. I dropped from a starting point of 265 to 190. The pandemic's interruption of the chronology made it seem rather odd. In roughly three months, I lost the vast majority of it.

I dropped around 45 or 50 pounds in three months, and the rest came off gradually. I had to keep it up for a year while we waited to shoot again, which would have taken another four months. It was amusing since it seemed simple at first. It becomes more difficult as you lose weight since your body is telling you to quit. But first, it seemed liberated.

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What was the structure of your daily food and exercise regimen throughout those first three to four months?

I often practiced intermittent fasting, which I know is somewhat of the trendy diet right now, but it was quite effective for me. I'm not sure whether that's just code indicating famine, but it sounds like… I often felt hungry.

I generally believe it to be calorie intake and calorie expenditure. There isn't much that I find strange than this, in my opinion. However, having this fetish of intermittent fasting was entertaining. We would set out six-hour periods, and two days a week I would fast for twenty-four hours because I was becoming more intense.

I would combine aerobic and weight training. With a heart rate of roughly 165, the cardio consisted of a lot of jogging done at a very low effort for a considerable amount of time, between 60 and 90 minutes.

That was in style for a time, but now that everything revolves on high-intensity exercise, that kind of exercising has fallen out of favor. But I've discovered that decreasing weight helped me both physically and emotionally. My breathing rate and anxiousness were much reduced by it. After around 40 to 45 minutes, my breathing started to settle down and I started to feel more at ease.

Additionally, I worked out with weights and did a lot of Pilates. That lanky appearance was what I was after. He is physically fit but has lost a lot of weight, thus the Pilates exercises helped him stay slender by greatly strengthening, extending, and stretching his muscles.

David Harbour
David Harbour

It's amusing how you characterize intermittent fasting as nothing more than a code word for hunger. What meals did you consume throughout those times?

You know, at first I didn't do anything to alter my diet. Simply fitting it inside the window would do. I suppose it was because I was so sickly. I think my weight was about 270 pounds, and I was eating everything I wanted. My knees hurt badly. I was miserable.

I would wait until midday to eat and then quit at eight o'clock. I could have whatever food I wanted. Because of the time frame, even when I would eat burgers and pancakes, I would still lose weight. As time passed, I began to notice results, which made me happy. Oh, I wonder how far I can push this, I thought.

Between an eating problem and how far you can go, there is a delicate line. You shouldn't go too far, but I did catch myself thinking things like: Well, if I eat better, if I take out a lot of meat, stuff with rich calories… I was consuming far more veggies than sweets.

You kind of reach a plateau and need to improve your nutrition. As a result, you keep becoming cleaner. By the end, I was essentially eating cardboard, like just before we filmed that scene.

The rice cake my trainer gave me tasted just like cake, so I believe it was the true reward. I want to enjoy this. [Laughs]

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How did it feel to finally film the reveal on set after putting in all that effort and time to change your body?

The fact that we get to live in other people's bodies makes the job I perform in general quite fascinating. When I glanced in the mirror, there was something that I recognized as being myself but had never seen before. It was fascinating to see Hopper after going through this experience to see a new skin since I've never been so skinny as an adult.

I am aware of your recent collaboration with Brooks, a reputable running company. Have you always enjoyed long distance running?

No. No. [laughing] I used to run a little bit as a child. The amusing thing about me is that I started to become pretty unathletic in my forties. Getting off the sofa and obtaining a bag of pretzels was my notion of exercise.

Therefore, the interest in fitness is something that is relatively new. I was kind of broken at the age of 43. My knees were somewhat damaged, and I was carrying a lot of additional weight. I was caught. I just believed that as you grow older, life just kind of becomes shattered.

I believe that through pushing myself and undergoing a significant mental transformation, I discovered that when I got into it—not right away; the first few months were challenging—I began to desire it. My connection with my body began to change in a way I hadn't experienced in a long time.

Running helped with it a lot since it gave my thoughts a chance to relax. It allowed me to be liberated from my phone and from nonstop stimulation and activity. Your breathing slows down when you stand outside. There is definitely something contemplative about it. There's something about it that makes you push yourself and just let yourself go, even though I've never been a good sit-down mediator.

I don't take it seriously at all. I don't take running seriously. I don't attempt to advance society. I nearly find running so slowly humiliating. There are kids playing much more quickly. But I like it because of something about it.

My heart seems to be stronger now. Many of the findings I'm receiving back from tests are making my doctor quite pleased. I experience youth. This Brooks collaboration and campaign, “It's Your Run,” celebrates various varieties of runners. You're accurate that a lot of professional runners depend on Brooks and their equipment, but I admire the fact that their shoes and other items are for everyone who runs.

What manner of coffee do you prefer?

Black. Black Americano is my favorite. Strong black coffee is my favorite. Some people say it tastes like bitter lunacy, but I really like it.

Final Words

David was able to kick his addiction and shed a considerable amount of weight by adhering to a strict schedule and practicing self-discipline throughout the process.

It debunks a wide variety of beliefs that are often connected with trying to reduce body fat. Now is the time to make a choice: either give in to the delusion that these beliefs are true and do nothing to improve your life, or take the initiative to make positive changes.