Darlene Cates Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Before and After, Death

Darlene Cates was an American actress who was born on the 13th of December 1947. Rita Darlene Guthrie was her given name when she was born. Her role in the film What's Eating Gilbert Grape? from 1993 is mostly credited for catapulting her to popularity. On March 26, 2017, she passed away while she was sleeping. At the time of her passing, Darlene was 69 years old.

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Darlene Cates had a lot of difficulty overcoming her weight throughout her life. Her weight hit an all-time high of 600 pounds at one point. The doctors strongly advised her to reduce her weight. Due to the fact that she was overweight, Cates was chosen to portray the role of an obese housebound mother by Johnny Depp and Lionardo DiCaprio.

In point of fact, the film “What's Eating Gilbert Grape” was nothing less than factual in its presentation. Because Cates was unable to relocate, she was forced to remain at her house for a period of five years. She was unable to move in any way at all. Darlene has struggled with her weight her whole life and has experimented with a wide variety of coping mechanisms. While some were successful, others were not.

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Darlene’s Struggle with Obesity

Darlene Cates Weight Loss

Since she was a teenager, Cates has struggled with her weight and has been unable to participate in the majority of things that other children her age do. She did not become aware that her fat was causing her internal health to deteriorate until a significant portion of her life had passed since she had last changed. and made the decision to reduce their weight.

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Darlene Cates made the decision to try a variety of diets, but none of them appeared to work for him. To put it another way, it was much too difficult to adhere to just one particular eating plan. After that, she decided to get surgery. Darlene had gastric bypass surgery in 1984, which ultimately resulted in her dropping one hundred pounds.

On the other hand, the results were not as favorable in the long run. “Remember what it was that first started making you overweight? According to what Cates told People, “They don't cut that out during surgery.” Cates began to regain the weight she had lost very immediately after a few months had passed.

After the operation was unsuccessful, Darlene fell into such a deep depression that she ceased making any effort to leave the house. She remarked, “I felt deserted by God.” However, it took a significant amount of time, but eventually something shifted, and Cates made another attempt to reduce his weight.

Darlene Cates’ Huge Weight Loss

Darlene Cates made the decision in 2012 to start his weight loss journey after struggling with obesity for the better part of two decades. The fact that her health was worsening was also a factor in her decision. Cates was sent to the hospital after experiencing health problems that were attributed to her weight. While there, she was given the recommendation to lose weight as quickly as possible.

She listened to the recommendations of the physician and got started on her road to a healthier weight. Cates was able to shed the excess weight of 240 pounds by going through weight reduction surgery and adhering to a stringent diet. This had a very significant effect on her health, which had just begun to show signs of improvement.

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Darlene Cates’ Death

Cates still struggled with health problems despite the significant weight loss she had accomplished. On March 26, 2017, she passed away. The only thing that is publicly known about her passing is that she passed away while she was sleeping. Sheri Cates Morgan, Darlene's daughter, wrote a statement on Facebook in which she broke the news to her friends and family about the passing of her mother.

Darlene Cates Weight Loss (Before & After)

Darlene Cates Weight Loss (Before & After)
Darlene Cates Weight Loss (Before & After)

Cates weighed 575 pounds before beginning his weight loss journey. The 240 pounds that she had lost brought her weight down to 330 pounds.

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Final Words

The passing of Cates was a tragic loss for her legion of devoted followers throughout the world. During her whole acting career, Cates never failed to entertain us with her great performances. She will live on in our memories, and the entertainment provided by her work will continue to touch the lives of countless others.