SZA Weight Loss Journey, Diet, Tips, Net Worth [2022]


Solana Imani Rowe, aka SZA, is an American songwriter and singer. She started her singing career in 2011 and is now considered one of the most loved American singers out there. At first, SZA used to wear baggy clothes, including one of her father’s shirts. However, nowadays, Solana is a part of breaking news due … Read more

Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss Journey [2022]

Kelly Doty

Kelly Doty is an American tattoo artist known for her appearance in the “Ink Master.” Nowadays, Kelly has become a part of breaking news due to her impressive weight loss. Kelly Doty appeared on the “Ink Master Season 8′. In fact, due to her talent and distinct style, she became the finalist of the show. … Read more

Seth Rogen Weight Loss [2022]


Seth Rogen is a Canadian filmmaker, comedian, and actor. Nowadays, Seth has become a part of breaking news because of his inspiring weight loss story. Seth Rogen has lost thirty pounds in just ten weeks. Furthermore, he didn’t lose that kind of weight because of some weight loss surgery. Instead, Seth lost weight by changing … Read more

Rance Allen Weight Loss [2022] – Death

Rance Allen

Rance Allen was an American gospel musician, minister, and bishop. He was best known for his incredible singing voice and wide vocal range. Recently his fans are asking about Rance Allen weight loss story and the cause of his death. Allen lived a life as a senior pastor and a beloved singer. He died at … Read more

John Moreland Weight Loss [2022]

John Moreland

John Moreland, an American singer and songwriter, was struggling with his over-weighted body from the beginning. John has been bulky since he was a little kid. However, recently, john Robert Moreland has shocked his fans with his impressive transformation. The john Moreland weight loss story is quite astonishing. Even with the obesity, he didn’t lose … Read more

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Weight Loss 2022

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, also known as Sarah Elizabeth Sanders, is an American politician and political analyst. She was the white house secretary, working under president Trump from 2017 and 2019. Along with her political career stories, there are numerous Sarah Huckabee Sanders weight loss success stories currently on the internet. In this article, you will … Read more

Lose Weight and Get Fit: Paul Giamatti’s Presumptively Healthy Lifestyle Secret


The fans of “Billions” have been speculating about Paul Giamatti‘s weight loss due to his character’s being absent from the show. However, Showtime has decided that they needed Giamatti’s character in order to make the last season a success, so they have added him back into more episodes, this particular one taking place in Berlin. … Read more

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss 2022: Before & After Journey

Jamal Mixon before and after

Jerod Mixon is a well-known American actor, most commonly known for their shows in Old School and The Nutty Professor. He could be the older sibling of Jamal Mixon, whom additionally plays Ernie Klump Jr. Jerod Mixon’s weight is something which sticks out from their performing job. It happens to be a problem for their … Read more

Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Journey [2022]

Jessica Amlee

Even on age of 27, Jessica Kelsey Amlee weighs about 45 kg. However, she was not constantly that fit and skinny. In reality, Jessica Amlee hit 240 pounds at the woman heaviest. Afterward, she began consuming healthier and never ever missed morning meal. As an effect, Jessica Amlee lost significantly more than 100 pounds following … Read more