Ben Napier Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Ben is a reality TV personality who was born on September 24, 1983 in the United States. After participating in the reality show Home Town, which airs on HGTV, he became more well-known. Ben and Erin Napier, the protagonists' husband and wife, serve as the show's central focus. Additionally, he is well-known for the charitable work that he does.

Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey

Ben Napier Weight Loss
Ben Napier Weight Loss

The majority of Napier's supporters were taken aback when they watched him play for Home Town in the most recent season. The show's Big Ben was not as impressive as it has been in the past. This is because throughout this period of time, he has managed to lose a total of 55 pounds. You did understand it correctly. Ben has had a significant transformation, including a significant weight loss.

He has lost weight, improved his health, and gained speed. Fans who were accustomed to seeing a huge Ben were taken aback by this news, which came as quite a surprise to them. Many people were worried about his health and wondered whether he was battling any form of disease. So, what exactly was the cause behind that?

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Why did Ben lose 55 pounds?

Ben Napier
Ben Napier's photo

Napier decided to go on a diet since he realized that his weight was becoming an increasingly serious issue. He had a poor relationship with food and paid little attention to his weight, which led to his putting on a significant amount of additional weight. The most important goal at this point was to get rid of it. On the other hand, none of this was even primary concern.

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Ben's significant weight loss may mostly be attributed to the arrival of his infant daughter, Helen. In reference to this topic, he made the following statement: “Bringing Helen home and getting to experience those first few weeks with her and seeing how quickly things change with children, it drew my attention.”

He said, “Every day was different with her, and I want to live as much of her life as I can.” I hope to live a long life so that I can be there for Erin and Helen when they need me. Ben was, without a doubt, concerned about his health; yet, his primary motivation for being so concerned was his desire to be there for his family.

“I come from a long line of huge men who don't really address their health until it's an issue,” one of them said. “I am no different.” Ben posted on his Instagram account.

Although I have made an effort to eat healthily and exercise, it never seemed more real until I held this blue-eyed girl who is equal parts Erin and me and a whole lot more than I deserve in my arms. “Although I have made an effort to eat healthily and to exercise, it never seemed more real until I held this blue-eyed girl who is equal parts Erin and I don't ever want to be separated from her.”

How did Ben lose weight?

Ben was able to achieve his weight loss goals by making significant adjustments to the way that he ate. He went from consuming 3000 calories per day to only consuming 2000 per day after making the change. In addition to that, he put a significant amount of effort into exercising. Napier started competing in several athletic events, including the marathon and basketball.

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This turned out to be a really helpful tool in the process of losing weight. I never get bored playing basketball, and if I had the time, I could play for hours without getting tired of it. In an interview with People, he said, “I've also done some intermittent fasting a couple of days a week.”

At first, intermittent fasting appeared like it would be rather difficult. Nevertheless, as time passed, Napier formed strong habits of resisting his favorite foods and focusing entirely on his family.

Ben's path to a healthier weight was significantly aided by his wife, Erin, as well. The upbeat report is that Ben's health has improved as a result of his weight loss, and he reports feeling more energetic and in better shape overall.

Before and After Weight Loss

Ben Napier Weight Loss Before & After
Ben Napier Weight Loss Before & After

Napier reached a stage in his life when he weighed more than 150 kilograms (more than 300 pounds). On the other hand, following a weight loss of 55 pounds, his present weight is between 240 and 245 pounds. Napier is tall at 6 ft. 6 in.

Al Sharpton, who hosts a radio show in the United Kingdom, recently astounded his listeners by shedding 176 pounds.

Final Words

Napier has been a wonderful role model for others by sacrificing his weight for the sake of both his family and his health. The beauty of life is enhanced when coupled with the beauty that comes from living in a healthy body. Because doing so enables you to take advantage of everything that this life has to provide you with. If you, too, are fighting obesity, then emulating Ben's success might be a wise option for you to consider.

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