Amanda Batula Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Amanda Batula is a social media influencer, TV personality, and graphic designer who resides in the United States. She became well-known after making an appearance on the reality show Summer House, which brought attention to the fact that she was having an affair with her then-boyfriend, Kyle Cooke, who is now her husband. As of right now, Batula is also a significant figure in the realm of internet stardom.

A recent announcement made by the star of Summer House stated that she has “lost 15 to 20 pounds.” Fans of Batula, who obsessively follow her career and are interested in her every move, were blown away by the information. She told her followers that she had shed several pounds by paying closer attention to the foods that she consumed.

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Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss Journey

Amanda Batula Weight Loss
Source: Instagram

Amanda Batula acknowledged that she had been battling with weight swings for a number of years and that she was attempting to get rid of the problem and keep her weight constant at a figure that was considered healthy. Talking about her battle, Batula remarked,

Season 2, which was my first official season, was really when I was at my heaviest, and it was also the season in which I had the most experience.” Since I wouldn't get on a scale to find out how much I weighed, I have no idea how much weight I've dropped since then, but I'd estimate that it's somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds.

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Amanda Batula continued by saying, “And I've finally reached the weight that I was when I was in college.” In light of that, I couldn't be happier. The revelation made Batula's followers extremely delighted, and several of them took to Instagram to offer their congratulations.

How did Amanda Batula lose weight?

Through retaining discipline in her life, she was able to lose weight. Amanda said that the method of intermittent fasting was responsible for her weight loss. According to Amanda, “what worked best for me and is still working is intermittent fasting.” “It actually produced the results I was hoping for,” Amanda added. “It is still working.”

Amanda Batula
Source: Instagram

She did not hold herself back more than she already had. Amanda was able to eat whatever she wanted just by following the discipline and avoiding fast food. She stated, “Now that I'm maintaining my weight, I'll be eating more sweets and carbohydrates.”

In addition to this, she enjoys spoiling herself with little luxuries, particularly on the weekends, when she goes out to dine with her family or friends. Batula stated, “I like living a healthy life, and I plan to live it.” “I take care that I don't wind up in that position that I was in before,” Batula added. “I take care that I don't end up in that position that I was in before.”

Amanda ensures that she gets the recommended amount of exercise and also follows a diet that is good for her. In spite of the fact that she is not very enthusiastic about going to the gym, she does her yoga practice every day for an hour. Amanda has been able to maintain healthy body thanks in large part to the healthy regimen that she follows.

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss (Before and After)

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Before & After

Batula has dropped somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 pounds since she made these significant adjustments to her way of life. Her previous weight of 155 pounds is significantly lower than her current weight of 135 pounds.

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Final Words

Making adjustments to the way you live your life might be unsettling, but if the changes are going to improve your life, you have no choice but to make them. And she followed through with that action. She trusted in herself and was able to complete the challenge of intermittent fasting, which is not an easy undertaking.