Alanah Pearce: (2023) Weight Loss, Illness, Accident, Diet, Workout

Alanah Pearce is a writer for video games who hails from Australia. At the moment, she is employed as a game developer with the American company Santa Monica Studio. She has contributed to IGN on several occasions with her writing. In addition, Alanah is working on the forthcoming video game God of War: Ragnarok as a member of the game's production team.

Alanah Pearce
Alanah Pearce

In Afterplay, Gears 5, and Cyberpunk 2077, she has provided the voices for a variety of characters. Alanah had a significant injury as the result of a recent sad accident that she was involved in. She was riding a motorcycle when she lost control and crashed onto the road. As a direct result of the injuries he sustained, Pearce was unable to move for a period of time following the accident.

As a direct consequence of this, she was prevented from going to the gym on a daily basis, as she normally did. As a result of this, Pearce gradually put on weight over the course of time. And because she wasn't burning any calories at the gym, the additional food she consumed led to an even greater rise in her overall body mass.

Agent 00, a prominent player in his own right, has likewise shed a significant amount of body fat in recent years.

Alanah Pearce's Accident With A Motorbike

She said the following in reference to the incident on her channel on YouTube: “I was involved in an accident. I was going around 30 miles per hour when I lost control of the motorcycle and fell squarely onto my hands and one of my knees. And for the next three weeks, I was unable to walk.

Alanah Pearce
Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce went on to say, “I still can't do a significant amount of exercise, and as a result, I gained more weight more quickly than I have ever gained weight before in my whole life.” The injuries to Pearce's hands were so severe that she was unable to make any use of them at all.

Even playing video games was a painful experience. However, Alanah is currently making progress in her recovery, and she has also begun to exercise regularly. She has, in point of fact, dropped a considerable amount of weight. Her injuries were a significant factor in her subsequent weight gain. But that wasn't the only thing that played a role.

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Her weight gain was also contributed to by her lockdown.

As the virus spread from country to country around the globe, governments in every region of the world began isolating their nations in an effort to halt its progression. Pearce, like everyone else, was confined to their homes for the day. She was unable to work out since there was nowhere for her to go because all of the gyms were closed.

Pearce had weight gain as a direct consequence of this situation. And just as Alanah was getting ready to start her quest to lose weight, the motorcycle accident occurred, and she was forced to stay at home for a few weeks, even longer than before.

But she didn't give up. Pearce resumed her quest toward weight loss as soon as she felt better and was successful in reaching her objective of losing weight.

Alanah Pearce’s Weight Loss Journey

Alanah Pearce Weight Loss
Alanah Pearce Weight Loss

Pearce's journey to a healthier weight began in April of 2021, and she has come a long way since then. In reference to the difficulties she had been experiencing, she stated, “It's been extremely difficult. It is even more challenging than it was in 2020 when gyms stopped being open. At least I could exercise in the comfort of my own house back then. “

The good news is that Alanah has begun her path toward living a healthier lifestyle, and she has already made significant progress. Pearce lost weight by adhering to a very healthy meal plan and also by increasing his activity level. As a result, Pearce had to proceed with extreme caution with her normal exercise program as a result of the injuries she had sustained.

Alanah Pearce’s Diet Plan

“I do not want to understate how crucial a diet is. I do my best to consume a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables. I consume a large number of nuts. “ Alanah's diet may be summarized as follows: “I try to avoid dishes with creamy sauces and bread as much as I enjoy them; nonetheless, they make me feel like trash.”

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Alanah Pearce Weight Loss
Alanah Pearce Weight Loss

She reduced the amount of sugar she consumed and made other positive changes to her formerly unhealthy diet. In addition to this, Pearce cut back on the amount of alcohol she consumed. The significant alterations she made to her diet led to a noticeable shift in her outward appearance.

Alanah Pearce Worked Out With a VR System.

That's right; she did that, and it worked out really well for her. In one of her vlogs, Pearce revealed to her audience that she got her workout by using a virtual reality (VR) system. She stated that she would participate in the fitness sessions and that she would perform the exercises in accordance with the directions.

Alanah Pearce After Weight Loss
Alanah Pearce After Weight Loss

In point of fact, it was not simply a matter of working out. It was also engaged in gameplay. The sessions of physical exercise included games as part of the program. And by doing this, Pearce was able to lose weight without becoming weary or uninterested in his workouts. The virtual reality (VR) system allows you to pick workouts ranging from very simple to quite difficult, depending on your preferences.

It is really difficult, and depending on what you need, it might become much more difficult or a lot simpler. But on the whole, it's challenging. Alanah remarked, “Supernatural VR utilizes the same dance-like arm moments that I adore in a whole bunch of other VR games.”

Alanah Pearce continued by saying, “But the thing that really gets me is the number of squats and lunges it makes you do in a short space of time without you even recognizing that it is doing that to you.”

Alanah Pearce Before and After Weight Loss

Pearce noticed some changes in her appearance after she had been using a virtual reality (VR) system to exercise and eat healthily for a period of many weeks. Since she first started out on this adventure, she has shed 39 pounds. Her previous weight of 169 pounds is far lower than her current weight of about 130 pounds.

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Alanah Pearce After Weight Loss
Alanah Pearce After Weight Loss

Alanah Pearce Illness

What illness does Alanah Pearce have? Fans have been speculating about the gaming journalist and YouTuber's NPC presence in Cyberpunk 2077 and her health issues, which she has previously discussed as having CFS.

The developer of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projeckt, has stated that Pearce's voice and likeness will both be used in the video game's Nomad Path plot.

She is a big fan of trying to get gamers into fitness.

Alanah Pearce also revealed that her primary objective is to motivate gamers to improve their health and fitness. She expressed her desire that “all those gamers who have gotten overweight as a result of sitting at home and playing video games all day” become more physically active. This is one of her top priorities and her ambitions.

Alanah is Not Ashamed of Her Becoming Overweight

In a video that she posted on YouTube, Alanah acknowledged that she does not feel any guilt about the fact that she has gained weight. She stated that neither losing weight to look good nor achieving some ideal figure was something that she was attempting to do. Pearce's anxiety about her health was the driving force behind her decision to go on a weight loss journey.

“The only reason I have shed some pounds is so that I can feel better about my health.” I do not feel embarrassed or humiliated by the fact that I have gained so much weight or that I am now overweight. “I just decided I'm going to live a healthier lifestyle,” she stated.

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Final Words

The definition of the term “weight loss” has been fundamentally transformed as a result of Alanah's actions. In the past, people's perceptions of losing weight were that it was a chore that was tedious, uninteresting, and draining.

By shedding 39 pounds thanks to her time spent playing video games, Pearce disproved our assumption by shedding 39 pounds. It is true, despite the fact that it could seem quite bizarre.